Brazilian Fruit Salad | Day 17 of 31 Days of Salad

posted on: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm going to give it to you straight, the only reason why I can claim this fruit salad as Brazilian is because after all the fruit is added and mixed we drizzle sweetened condensed milk on top. Find me a Brazilian who isn't obsessed with sweetened condensed milk and I'll give you $100, naw make it $200, no questions asked.

Yesterday was shopping day and now our home is filled with colorful fruits and veggies. Baby Maria is very content because she is a frutarian. The only exception to her diet is sweetened condensed milk which, I swear to you, she asks for constantly.

Baby Maria's preschool teacher from California sent us a book and CD of pictures of Maria back in the day when she used to wear clothes. We hardly recognized her.  I force her to wear undies so I can take pictures of her for this here blog and as soon as the photo sess is over she strips back down to nakedness. I could either fight with her all day about this or I can not. I choose not because in 8 months  this wild life of eating fruit all day long in the nude will come to an end. Let her have her glory.

And let me have mine, sweetened condensed milk and all.

Brazilian Fruit Salad
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There is no exact measurements for this salad. the trick is to try and get an equal amount of each fruit, so that one fruit isn't overpowering all the others. For a family of 4 I would try and have approximately two cups of each of these fruits chopped into cubes.


The same theory applies for the sweetened condensed milk, you could go with a light drizzle or you can go wild and use a whole can. I like to serve the sweetened condensed milk on the side and have each person pour how ever much they want. If you pour the sweetened condensed milk too early before serving the sweetened condensed milk will loose it's consistency and will just mix with the rest of the juices in the bottom of the bowl. So save the sweetened condensed milk for last and enjoy your fruit salad, Brazilian style. 


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