[Foodbuzz 24x24] Celebrating the New Year in Brazil

posted on: Monday, January 2, 2012

There is no other place I would rather be than in Brazil on December 31st. If I could, every year I would fly down to Brazil and ring in the New Year Brazilian style.

Wearing white.
Surrounded by family.
On the Beach.
Eating good Food.

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Brazilian's have the tradition of going to the beach on New Year's eve, to throw flowers in the ocean, to jump 7 waves, and to ask Iemanja the goddess of the ocean to bring us an abundance of luck.

New Year's eve in Brazil is fantastic and I was so happy to be here this year enjoying it. There was a samba concert on our street, two doors down from my house, during the day. Heaven!

 This year, we had our New Year's Eve dinner with a beach theme. We had fish, fish, and more fish. And before we had fish we went to the beach to have beach snacks, like grapes dipped in chocolate while watching the sunset.

There's something invigorating about being on the beach with thousands of people, ringing in the New Year. It definitely makes you want to make some big resolutions and hope for the best.

May all your 2012 goals come true.
Every single one of them.

Special thanks to Foodbuzz for including me in the 24x24 December series.


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