Granola for Valentine's Day

posted on: Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Maria is sassy to the core, and from what I hear most toddlers are. However, she does have lots of good things going for her including being the queen of affection. She loves giving hugs and kisses and telling you over and over again that she does in fact love you very, very, much. She also loves giving gifts. Ever since Christmas Baby Maria has played gift giving daily. Today she put my iPod in a tuppaware and gave it to me as a gift. Whenever our belongings go missing we pretty much expect to receive it back at some point packaged by 2 year old hands and delivered as a present.

If Baby Maria were to give you a Valentine's Day gift she would probably give you my iPod. But since I'm pretty fond of my iPod I'm encouraging her to give something else, something she loves very much.

Baby Maria would eat a bowl of yogurt with granola at every meal if we let her. Wait, let me take that back, Baby Maria pretty much does eat yogurt and granola at every meal because even though we don't let her she has proved herself much more stubborn than either of her parents.

So if Baby Maria were to give you a gift she would give you granola because she loves eating it, she loves sharing it, and the best part is that she loves making it.

Granola is a great recipe to make with kids. Here is Exhibit A. Exhibit B is a detailed recipe I wrote for Inhabitots that has step by step pictures and a fool proof method to not burn granola. This recipe will yield lots of granola which means lots of pressies to give.

If Baby Maria gave you granola would you be her Valentine?


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