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posted on: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy extra day of the year. Today I let myself indulge in wishful thinking. Today I thought about buying stuff! I pride myself on not caring for new things, but that's because I used to live in a place where finding cool used things and even free things was easy. That place is called the United States of America. Also in the United States of America a lot of new things are cheap, which is why people buy so much and then give perfectly useful things away, no problemo, to Goodwill and hence why used things is so accessible.

But today I'm in the mood for new things. Pretty things. I mostly want to buy things I don't need, just things I find pleasing to the eye. Things to make my kitchen a little more pleasing to the eye.

Today I'm in the mood for

// Eat Me small artwork
// medium off white bowl
// Spinning Top Tea set
// Marimeko Oiva White Serving Pot


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