posted on: Friday, March 2, 2012


Today I fed my babies cookies with brigadeiro (Brazilian chocolate fudge) on top and threw in some sprinkles for good measure. All this before 9:00am. Let's pretend I was trying to be festive, you know, for my birthday. But really I was just craving cookies with brigadeiro and sprinkles. Yesterday I was so nauseous the only thing that sounded good was store bought cookies with nutella in the middle and brigadeiro in the outside and sprinkles on top. I had about 10 of these homemade overly sweet pretty disgusting (if you think about it) sandwich cookies. And then I felt sooooo good. I eat horribly when I'm pregnant because all I crave are horrible things, though I do force myself to eat a vegetable here and there.

Today I thought about writing 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 but after thinking about it for 5 minutes I changed my mind because the only things I could think of wanting to do is sleep, eat Cheetos,  and watch movies with the kids, like lots and lots of movies. A couple years ago I would of never admitted this to anyone because I wanted to be the perfect parent. But we all know who the real perfect parents are - the Frech. In fact grant me my birthday wish and read this article, because it's just so good, like sprinkles on top of a cookie.

So now you know two things about me. One, I eat junk when I am pregnant. Two, my parenting skills diminish ten-fold when I am pregnant and I don't feel bad about it one bit. I do believe the best thing you can give your kids are siblings and if they don't like it too bad.

I'm not going to post a bucket list. But I will post a list because I love lists.

How about a 29 things you probably didn't know about me list.
(O.K the first two you already know)

  1. I crave junk food when I am pregnant
  2. I kind of become a mediocre parent when I am pregnant, mostly during the first trimester when I'm too tired to do anything but watch Wonder Pets and Dora.
  3. I rarely go to bed before midnight and I usually have a really hard time waking up in the morning, except when I am pregnant. I've been waking up every day at 6:00am and going to bed no later than 10:00pm.
  4. I don't share a computer with my husband. We are definitely a two computer family.
  5. In the last year I took over 11,000 pictures. Mostly of food. 
  6. I haven't read a book in a very long time.
  7. I listen to audiobooks like crazy. Right now I'm listening to Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling. F-U-N-N-Y!
  8. I'm not good at keeping up with the news. I mostly rely on my mom to tell me what's going on.
  9. I used to want to have 10 kids
  10. I still really want to adopt.
  11. I dream about food all the time but in my dreams the moment I'm about to take a bite I wake up. So frustrating.
  12. I'm lactose intolerant.
  13. I love white chocolate
  14. I ate a Twix bar every day my Senior year of high school.
  15. I was captain of my high school's cheerleading squad for 2 years.
  16. I listen to a lot of Lady Gaga when I'm running.
  17. I run 3 days a week, rain or shine, pregnant or un-pregnant.
  18. I believe in friendships.
  19. I believe in love.
  20. I believe in Jesus Christ.
  21. I love roller coasters.
  22. Ferris wheels freak me out. 
  23. I cry at sappy stuff all the time, like this video
  24. I am really unsympathetic when my children cry, specially when they get hurt. In fact I kind of get mad at them for not walking straight and tripping, for bumping their heads, falling off the swings, etc...
  25. I almost never leave the house without wearing earrings.
  26. I probably wear make up once a year, at most. I have nothing against make up I just never think about putting any on.
  27. I speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish and after 1 year of studying Japanese in college  I speak zero Japanese.
  28. I learned to drive when I was 23. 
  29. I love learning new things. Lately I've been obsessed with Khan Academy. In fact I should write a list of things I want to learn before I turn 30. But I'll leave that for another day.


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