Cereal Humor

posted on: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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I'm not really sure why I have cereal on my mind. Maybe because Chris is gone until Saturday and I'm tempted to lazy parent and just feed the kids cereal for the next 3 days. Or maybe it's because Chris is gone so I am spending my kids-are-finally-asleep time hanging out with Pinterest, where I found the first poster and then decided to search the web for more cereal posters.

And because cereal is such a happy topic here are 10 more cereal-sly funny finds

1 // This is so me
2 // and this is so true
3 // Do you find this creepy or funny?
4 // I find this funny, I know I shouldn't, but I totally do
5 // This totally happens to me, and since I am the only soy milk drinker in the house it makes it even worse because I have no one to blame but myself.
6 // Normally I would say this is true, unless it's your birthday and you are a Palmer and you get to choose any cereal you want on your birthday. In that case go all out.
7 // My kitty's dream.
8 // I thought this picture was hilarious because it totally reminded me of women laughing alone with salad (if what I just wrote means nothing to you then do click on the link, it's just so classic). I know the woman in the cereal picture is not alone but still, it's just so staged. Come on why is there a fork and a knife next to the cereal bowl? Stop it already.
9 // Right?!
10 // and in case all this cereal talk got you hungry for some cereal then this can help you choose what to eat.


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