Vacation is Good for the Soul

posted on: Monday, May 21, 2012

Yesterday after a 12 hour drive we made it safely home. Christian's one advice to anyone taking a road trip in Brazil is this - if the map says that the road is paved, it may or may not be paved. In other words take your time, expect surprises and detours, expect beautiful brand new roads one minute and dirt roads the next. It was good practice for our 2014 trip, the one where we want to take 6 months to drive from California to Brazil so we can watch the World Cup in Rio and Sao Paulo.

Remember how we thought we were going to drive back to California, and then I got pregnant? Speaking of pregnancy I've been feeling like myself again, only with popcorn popping inside of me. I love this phase, where the nausea and fatigue is gone and where I can start to feel the little flutters of my little baby.

Life is good again.

Last year when we did our long road trip through the West Coast of the United States Christian and I discovered audio books. It makes the drive go by so much faster. Last year we were enthralled with the Hunger Games saga, this year we listened to The Happiness Project. I'm semi-skeptical of such books and Christian is ultra-skeptical, but we both really enjoyed it. It was pretty fitting to be on vacation, driving through beautiful places contemplating happiness. It's a good read (or listen) and I strongly recommend it.

One of the things that makes me happy is being a mom. It's also what makes me most tired, most impatient, and most enraged. But right now I'm really enjoying parenting Enzo and Maria even if I still do get impatient with them. It was so hard feeling so sick during my first trimester and not being able to do basic things. Getting up to get a cup of water for Maria seemed like an unsurmountable task, I really couldn't get myself to do it.

It felt so good being able to chase them around, go swimming with them in caves and waterfalls, and just feel like their mom again.


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