Magic Fortune Cookies

posted on: Monday, August 27, 2012

If magic fortune cookies existed I'm pretty sure they would look and feel exactly like these porcelain fortune cookies. I could use a very magical fortune cookie right now, one with a simple note that read "your three wishes will come true."

Currently my three wishes are

1 // That Enzo will get into the school we want him to go to. School starts on Wednesday and we still don't know what school he'll be attending. Stressful much?

2 // That I'll get the health insurance I need. I'm having a baby in 10 weeks and I still haven't been able to get on health insurance.

3 // That Maria will get into preschool at the park. We found the perfect 2 day a week half-day preschool for her. The location is perfect, the price is right, and we hear the teachers are amazing. Only problem is that she needs to turn three before school starts and she turns three 9 days after school starts. Will they make an exception for us?

If you were cracking open a magic fortune cookie this very second what little note would you find inside?

Here is me wishing you a very lucky week!


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