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posted on: Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today I did a little online shopping at In the Clear, an Etsy shop that gets an A+ for cute packaging and disposables at great prices. I'm not planning any parties any time soon but I do have to pack a lunch and a snack for Enzo 5 days a week and a lunch for Maria 2 days a weeks.

I thought that by now the novelty of packing a lunch for Enzo and Maria would have faded, but it hasn't. I like packing their lunch and leaving little notes and making it as cute as possible. Maria gets so excited when she gets to use her lunch box, she always says "today I get to eat a pretty lunch." She is definitely a fan of all things cute. Luckily I have a stash of very cute bento accessories and boxes, some I got as gifts and some I bought in Japan town in San Francisco. I'm excited to use some of the stuff I bought today to use for their school lunches.

I used to never use any of my cute things, my pretty stationary, even my stamps. Now I try to use it up as much as I can. When you have cute things, like washi tape, do you tend to use it or save it for something special?

+ Polka Dot Nut
Design Paper Straws
+ Vintage Style Foiled Paper Lined Hot Dog Bags
+ Vintage Style White French Fries Bags
+ Crafty Wooden Utensils
+ Multi and Neon Dots Paper Tape
+ Green Stripe Paper Bag
+ Washi Skyline Tape
+ Gumball Favor Tubes and Corks
Baker's Twine


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