Ann Romney's Carrot Soup

posted on: Friday, October 26, 2012

Ann Romney has an awesome carrot soup recipe that she gave my friend (if you think the world is small try the Mormon world, it's like a studio apartment). My friend made it for my babyshower and I ate about 3 bowls full and still could not get enough. I made the soup last night for dinner and my family loved it even my very liberal soup-snob husband had two big bowls.

If we're friends on Facebook you probably hate me right now. I try so very hard to resist the urge to post any political updates but then Tina Fey says something brilliant and I just can't help myself. It seems like so much of this election is about, or made to be about women's issues. And then there is so much hate talk, from both sides. I don't want to hate on women (duh!) and I don't want to be hated on. Ann Romney and I agree on very little but I still want to give her credit for supporting her husband and putting herself out there. It takes guts.

All politics aside (if I can do it you can do it), Ann Romney knows how to make mad soup.

Ann Romney's Carrot Soup

Saute until tender:
1/4 c butter
5 c grated carrots
1 c grated potatoes
3/4 c onion
Add and simmer one hour:
4 c chicken broth
1 bay leaf
Remove bay leaf and blend
Before serving add:
2 c milk or cream
salt and pepper to taste

I substituted the potato for butternut squash and went with the heavy cream. When my friend made it she used potatoes and substituted the cream for half and half. Both versions work well.


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