Hello Halloween

posted on: Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I know this is the most obvious comment ever but I just have to say that kids in costumes is insanely cute. Also, adults in costumes...I'm a fan! Today this guy got mad at me in traffic and he was dressed up as a clown, like full on clown face and clothes. It was impossible to get mad back.

We've been celebrating Halloween for over a week now. It's great because today the kids are excited but they're still functioning and doing all the other things they normally do on a Wednesday afternoon- homework, piano practice, reading, playing with each other, ya know.

Both Enzo and Maria picked their pumpkins from a pumpkin farm on Highway 1, like right at the ocean. So beautiful. The owners have grandkids that go to both Enzo's school and Maria's preschool so they let the kids from the schools come and pick any pumpkin they want for FREE! I know, amazing. Maria picked the tiniest pumpkin and told the farm owner, "this pumpkin is for the baby in my mama's belly." The farm owner thought it was so cute she told Maria she could pick 2 more pumpkins just for her. Her charms get her pretty far.

I buy my kids Halloween PJs every year. This year I went with the glow in the dark skeleton jammies. Every night they make us come in their room when it's dark so they can scare us. Every night Christian and I act scared. Every night they laugh and scream and think it's hilarious that, once again, they were able to scare us.

Enzo's jammies is only skeleton on top and then plaid pants on the bottom. He asked us to make a full skeleton suit for him because that's what he wants to be for Halloween. We cut up bones using freezer paper and then ironed it on one of his old sweat pants. Easy. Christian made a skeleton mask from the Trader Joe's puff pastry package that I put in the recycling bin.

Maria wanted to be a ballerina. Then a princess. So for our Trunk-or-Treat (trick-or-treating in a parking lot where people hand out candy from their trunks) night at our church she went as a princess/ballerina. Yesterday she had a Halloween party at her preschool and she decided she no longer wanted to be a princess, she wanted to be a skeleton witch. In the afternoon she played with our neighbors and somehow ended up with a dragon costume. She said she wanted to wear that today but last I heard she wants to be a princess again. We're going trick-or-treating in a couple of hours, I guess we shall see.

Yesterday, a total stranger stopped me in the street and said I inspired her to be a pregnant woman for Halloween. I hope that idea worked out for her. As for me, I can't say I'm not scared of how big my belly is. I wish I had gotten creative and actually made a costume but I just could not get myself in the mood. Besides, with maternity clothes I often do feel like I'm wearing a costume.

I'm pretty done being pregnant but at the same time I'm happy the baby isn't here yet. It's been fun going to the pumpkin patch and the various Halloween festivities with the kids. Plus I don't want to miss tonight's trick-or-treating for anything. I can't say I won't raid the Twix from their loot.

Happy Halloween!


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