Our Baby Maria Turns Four

posted on: Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Maria who is no longer a baby turned four! Her nickname at home is still nenem (baby), and sis or sissy because we just love having her as our daughter and sister. And even though she carries out her roles very well she is also very much her own person, independent of the rest of us. I look at pictures of her from when she was one, two, three, and some of the expressions are the same. That determined, knows what she wants, very present expression has been a part of Maria ever since the day she started crawling around and growing into herself.

Maria loves people. She likes meeting new people and connecting with people she already knows. She will get on Skype and talk to my mom and grandma for as long as I let her. She loves her friends and wants to do nice things for them all the time. She adores her brother Enzo, she has really found a best friend in him. Aside from when he's in school they are basically together all the time. They share everything, including a bed. She is protective of Eliza and likes to feed and dress her. She loves animals so much sometimes I feel guilty we don't have a pet just because I know how connected she feels to animals. She notices everything especially people's feelings. She has ideas, lots of her own ideas. She'll listen to your ideas but rarely will want to go with your ideas.

She is learning how to read and can already sound out some words, only she'll never tell you she's the one learning since she decided that her stuffed animals were the ones who were going to learn. So when I sit down and do reading lessons with her I have to direct her stuffed unicorn or stuffed frog the whole time and pretend like she's not even there. She'll respond in a silly voice as if she's speaking for the animals. She's just like that, super creative and a performer. She makes up jokes, lots of jokes, and because they're so wild we always end up cracking up.

After a week of the stomach flu and then a birthday adventure to a pony farm that flopped because of the rain, we finally got to celebrate her birthday this past Saturday. It was a small party and it was really fun. We ate Brazilian hot dogs (hot dogs with mashed potato, vinaigrette, corn, shoe string potatoes, and other fun toppings) and had ice cream and brownies for dessert.

Enzo, who has developed a whole repertoire of acrobatics on the hammock did tricks during the whole party while the little girls danced around in costumes. It was the perfect way to celebrate Maria and I'm glad we got to do it.


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