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posted on: Wednesday, September 18, 2013

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Nothing like a powerful stomach flu to make you feel really vulnerable. I never liked being sick, although it was a lot easier before I had a husband and kids. You go through your day doing a million little things but when you're sick nothing gets done. Normally when the kids ask for a cup of water you walk a couple yards to the kitchen and without even thinking you end up picking up a couple toys that's on the floor, wipe off the table, change the baby's diaper, and then return with the cup of water. So much of what I do is in auto-pilot mode. When you're sick even the simple task of getting your kid a cup of water becomes really hard because the moment you stand up you have to run to the bathroom.

Yesterday the kids were basically on their own. If it weren't for the iPad and goldfish crackers I'm not sure they would have survived. But they did. And Christian and I are starting to feel better and pleading with the universe that our kids will not get whatever it is we have.

Yesterday was also Maria's birthday. She didn't get a single balloon or a nice cake. She did however get a new princess dress, a princess doll, and a princess plastic tea party set, all things she wanted and I wasn't going to get her. But then on Saturday when I ran to Costco to get 15lbs of butter for our luau and was feeling really stressed I decided last minute (this is why I hate shopping, when I'm stressed I make bad shopping decisions) to get her what she wanted. Rarely does a bad decision end up being a good decision but in this case it was awesome! She was so happy with her new doll and new dress she played tea party all day long, in between watching Eliza of course. So even if she never plays with her new toys again it was worth it.

We're celebrating her birthday on saturday, that is if no one else gets sick.


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