Sweet Potato and Orange dessert

posted on: Saturday, December 29, 2007

Me (right before we were leaving to another Christmas party): Are you hungry?
C: Are you kidding? I haven't been hungry for days

I have consumed more food this Holiday Season than probably the whole rest of the year combined. I think Thanksgiving should take the blame. To give you an idea there was turkey and ham. When I have way too many option I pretty much take my time to try everything. All the dishes were exceptionally good but the one that stands out is sweet potato in orange peal.

Boil and then puree sweet potato and mix it with the fresh juice you squeeze out of the oranges. Save the peels. Add nutmeg, cinnamon, and powdered cloves to the mixture. Scoop it into the orange peels and serve chilled. It's so incredibly simple but oh so good!


  1. that sounds and looks divine. yay for the new blog! do you have any tips for using taro or ulu or papayas in an interesting way? let me know.
    p.s. did you try leg wrestling yet?

  2. This recipe is next on my list of things to make. That's after we've finished wading through the holiday leftovers so that'll be.....oh maybe a week or so. I love the new blog.


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