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posted on: Friday, January 4, 2008

The beginning of the month means that I go to an ATM get a specific amount of cash (our food budget money) and leave it in an envelope and try very hard to just use that money. I always get excited and convince myself that this time I'm going to buy something different. Today I went to COSTCO and Trader Joe's and I bought the same things I usually buy. We got some more flour. We go through a 50 lbs bag every 4 months. We go through a 10lbs bag of onions every month. We still have plenty pinto beans and rice. I got a COSTCO sized bag last month of garlic and they are all mushy now. I hate when food gets wasted. Maybe that is why I am scared of buying something different because I can't use it all up or if I don't like it then it'll get wasted. Any suggestions on a favorite food item I should try?


  1. I know, I always get the same things too. I bought a chuck roast last time and the other night I made a red wine stew with it in my dutch oven which took three hours in the oven(half a bottle of cheap red wine), tomato paste, bouillon cube, a little water, onion and garlic, and the meat (I browned it first). It had that warm feeling. When I'm wanting something special from my Costco shopping I almost always get special cheese. I'm addicted to good cheese. But really, as you know, the best things you can make are usually from the same ingredients you always buy, strangely enough.

  2. try getting flour, wheat and oats through the church cannery. cheap, cheap, cheap, especially the oats.


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