The Birthday cake.

posted on: Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christian wanted a birthday cake. When I asked him what kind he said chocolate. So I made a chocolate cake with chocolate filling, brigadeiro (Brazilian fudge) on top and I put chocolate chunks on top of that to decorate. Most of my cakes look awful but taste fine. This one looked good but was kind of funky. I decided to add raspberries to the filling because we had some in our fridge and I thought it help the taste. It did nothing for the taste and made the texture totally grainy because of the seeds. The other downside was that I made the brigadeiro (I'll post a recipe later) on the same pan as I made the filling. Of course I didn't wash the pan out first because I figured it was chocolate and wouldn't make a difference but it did. The brigadeiro tasted kind of burned and never reached the consistency that I wanted. Before the cake we had a BBQ so people were too stuffed with steak and other savory things that no one seemed to mind the bad cake too much


  1. Hi Damaris, great blog! Diana is studying Nutrition, so I think she will enjoy your blog! I also like cooking, so your blog got two new visitors.
    I can't say if the cake tasted fine, but It's looking like the Chocolate cake from Applebee's. Nice job! :)


    Bruno (São Paulo)

  2. The cake tasted really good and I'm not a huge fan of cakes in general.


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