Food Blog Search engine

posted on: Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I love getting recipes from food blogs because they actually work. People test the stuff they post (most of the time) and if the recipe sucks you can leave them a comment trashing the recipe. Food bloggers know this, I assume, so they make sure that their recipes are good. Actually probably the main reason their recipes are good is because they actually care about it or else they wouldn't waste time blogging it. ANYWAY.... food blogs are great I love them but I don't have time to look through them as often as I would like searching for recipes. Do you? probably not! so I found this solution today and I am stoked. It's the food blog search engine where you can type a recipe that you want to make and the engine will search through the food blogs and show you all the different blogs with that recipe. genius! what's even better is that I can encode it into my blog. So I'll put a little search engine on my blog but you can also go to to check it out.


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