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posted on: Wednesday, March 12, 2008

yesterday I read an interview with my favorite poet, Martin Espada, who said he would rather write silly poems about food than about social justice, I took this comment to heart. I would So rather be writing about food right now then another paper so in the atmosphere of distraction I am starting a food tag. I am tagging anyone who wants to be tagged. Just copy my questions in your blog. Leave me a comment so I can check out your answers.

If you could be eating something right now what would it be?
Shrimp chips, cheese cake, salad and lilikoi mousse

Table manners. What table manners can and can not be broken?
We don't have to eat at the table every single meal. Burping can not happen at my table, when it does my meal is over.

Longest time you've ever spent making a meal and what was it?
I started making Enzo's brithday party food 3 days in advance and seriously cooked 3 days straight. The cake had too many complicated steps that required refrigerating some of the filling for a couple days, making the cream a head of time but not too a head of time. We also had lots of salad that was very time consuming to make. My neighbor spend hours just chopping things for me. We made hamburgers with every possible thing you could ever want and probably not want in your hamburger. I spend way to long making excessive amounts of caramelized onions. I am stoked that my mom and aunties have been planning Enzo's second birthday for months and that they are doing all the cooking.

Most money you've ever spend on a meal and was it worth it?
We went to a very fancy expensive Japanese restaurant to celebrate our anniversary in Brazil a couple years ago. We had actually spend out anniversary apart, I think, but then celebrated it later. Totally NOT worth it. We were mad at each other for some reason that I can't remember. the food was good but the mood was terrible.

what is the most uncoventional thing you've ever tasted?
My grandma used to love making Chicken's heart soup. I never liked it I like it even less now that i know it was chicken's heart. When ever we have a family BBQ my uncle always grills Chicken's heart. It's the first thing to go, people love it. I hate it!

What would you NEVER put in your mouth?
Christian talks about how he ate Monkey when he was at the Amazon. It makes me not want to ever go visit the families he stayed at because if they offered it to me I would have to eat it. The thought of it makes me feel sick.

When you walk into the supermarket you always want to buy ______ but you never do because ______.
The biggest bag of ranch Doritoes. I never do because I know I would eat it all in one sitting and feel totally bad about it afterwards. Plus it's more than I want to pay for chips.

If you are what you eat what are you?

If you had to eat the same thing everyday what would it be?
Hands down green salad with tomatoes and olives, lime, salt ,and olive oil on top. I hate all the store bough salad dressings.

you haven't lived if you haven't tried this: (share a recipe)

Petit Gateau- I am borrowing this recipe and picture from a Brazilian food blog called a taste in heaven I translated it from Portuguese to English in less than 5 minutes. Sorry if it sounds weired.
But Petit Gateaus are my favorite dessert in the whole world. I've never seen them here in the U.S so I only found recipes in Portuguese.

120 g dark chocolate (cut in pieces)
100 g butter
2 whole eggs
2 egg yolk
¼ cup sugar
3 teaspoons flour

melt the chocolate using bain marie method (put a small sauce pan inside a skillet. Put water in the skillet and simmer. Water CAN NOT get inside the pan).

Add the butter.

beat the eggs, the yolks, and sugar until it is well mixed.

slowly add the melted chocolate to the egg sugar mixture.

mix until all the ingredients are integrated.

Add and mix the flour slowly.

coat a muffin pan (8 muffins) with butter and flour and bake for 7-10 minutes at 450 degrees

serve with ice cream (my case frozen yogurt)


  1. this is such a cute blog! and i am definitely going to try this chocolate dessert recipe because this is exactly the kind of thing i love to eat. mahalo!

  2. Man, I am so in trouble for not sending these shrimp chips that are sitting in a box on my table. I have a good reason. I have no idea how to burn DVD's, and I've been waiting to put in my sesame street ones. C and Iz have been really sick, and they're the only ones I know that I could ask how to do it. I actually did download all of the programs to do it, but it's not working. I've tried several times. Plus, I really wanted to include this other part of the present that has been in the works, well, since Christmas. I'm just dumb, because I always end up making it bigger, and I should just finish it already. I'm not sure it's even going to work. Anyway, I have your shrimp chips. But I just realized that you're leaving on the 16th. Will it even make it if I send it tomorrow?

  3. Mighty, don't worry about it. Save on shipping and send it back with Steve and Shelly


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