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posted on: Saturday, March 15, 2008

When I created this blog I had the intention to share what goes on in my kitchen. This involves cooking but it also involves listening to documentaries from the radio and podcasts I download. I haven't blogged about that in a while but I do have something to share. I just finished a 10 minute piece called "Now I lay you down to sleep." It's about the frustrations of putting toddlers to sleep. I hope you enjoy. Please leave me a comment because I want to submit this piece but might need to make some changes. I am really interested in knowing what you think. The icon will direct you to my online channel where you'll again click on the same icon and it'll start playing.

Now I lay you down to sleep - Share on Ovi

p.s I'll be back in April with lots of good recipes from Brazil


  1. We loved the story! It paints a wonderful picture. Have fun in Brazil- and thank you so much for your home!

    Damaris, this site does not work for me. I still haven't even listened to your last documentary. Is there another way i can listen to this?

  3. I just listened to this piece. Good job. That is so cool that you are learning how to do this. We sound really pathetic. Gio did good though.

  4. good job on your documentary. I seem to have the type of kids who do better by falling asleep by themselves, so it was very interesting to see what other parents go through.


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