Enzo's Feijoada Birthday Bash

posted on: Friday, April 4, 2008

Last Saturday we celebrated Enzo's second birthday in Brazil with a traditional feijoda. We fed close to 100 people. It was very labor intensive but totally worth it. It was nice to celebrate my son's life with family and friends. Here are pictures of the preparations and the actual party.


  1. I have come to three conclusions after watching this slide show...
    1)You are gorgeous.
    2)I am now very, very hungry (and eager for recipes!)
    3)I have this sudden urge to go to Brazil!

  2. Ok, seriously. . . I could get my nails done twice a week. I LOVE getting my nails done. Which is weird because I don't really consider myself much of a girlie girl. . . except for Sundays.

    You are darling. I LOVED that slideshow! I wish you guys still lived close!


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