Guilt trip

posted on: Friday, April 18, 2008

I decided that food blogs are the ultimate guilt trip. First because you are once again wasting time on the Internet instead of doing something productive such as cooking. Second, you are looking at food and wanting to eat delicious fatty things every time you open the Internet and your RSS feeds pop up. Third, you feel guilty because everyone is cooking these beautiful things and you are not. I am convinced that today I will cook something beautiful even if it tastes like crap. By looking at so many food blogs and their incredible pictures I am convinced that aesthetics in food needs to be a priority. I guess learning how to take pictures would also help. gulp!

Here are my favorite food blogs that I check daily. Indulge!

bake or break
Culinary Concoctions
In the Kitchen and on the road with Dorie
Smitten Kitchen
The Wednesday Chef
A taste in heaven (This is in Portuguese)


  1. hahahahahahahahaa.......hahahahaha I love it.

  2. I really hope that was sarcasm! It doesn't matter what food looks like as long as it tastes good.

  3. yes it was sarcasm but I wouldn't mind my fod looking awesome. By the way your lasagna is still the only one I like. Send me the recipe PLEASE

  4. I've never written down my recipe for lasagna. I'll see what I can do. I have to make it again soon because the guys I live with are always asking me to make it.


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