meet me tomorrow at 4:00pm my time!

posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2008

KZSC Santa Cruz 88.1 FM

Tomorrow at 4:00pm I will be on air at KZSC 88.1FM. I will play a short excerpt on my recent piece "Now I Lay you Down to sleep" and talk a bit about the process and challenges of producing this piece. I will go on air with some other colleagues and with Nikki Silva, yes Nikki Silva my idol from the Kitchen Sisters. So, if I sound nervous forgive me it's because it's a dream come true to go on air with her. If you are in the Monterey and Santa Cruz area you can listen at 88.1 Fm and if you are out and about in the rest of the world you can listen on line at and just click on the bottom right where it says Listen online. I'm stoked. I haven't been on air since graduating from Mount Holyoke. Oh, how I love college radio!


  1. da, i just listened to the parsi kitchen story, and guess what! i know what they're talking about. ephraim's colleague invited us to lunch twice, and his wife is persian from iran, although she didn't use the term parsi, i believe she fits the description. those were the most amazing meals i've had maybe ever. amazing combinations and flavors. the first lunch i don't recall exactly, but it included barley with dried apricots, polenta, and fig and almond tarts for dessert. the next time we had rotisserie chicken, brown basmati rice with lima beans and saffron, eggplant garlic onion quiche, tabouli with peppers, green salad (with basil, mint, pears, grape tomatoes, and walnut), then lemongrass tea with lemonzest/rosemary/raisin cookies. i wrote it all in my journal, it was that amazing.

    after that lunch we had pb&j for dinner.

    we're pathetic.

    good luck tomrrow! that's very exciting!

    and did i mention i love your playlist? i'm usually bothered by blog playlists, but yours i enjoy. thanks!

  2. ACK! I missed it. I just read your blog. I don't know how I missed that post until now, since I'm an obsessive blog checker. Do you have a recording of it?


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