my BFF foodie

posted on: Friday, April 11, 2008

This is my favorite foodie in the whole world! I wish I had a picture of her cooking but instead I have this picture of her and my future daughter-in-law, so that is o.k too.

Yesterday I got a package in the mail with lots of fun things including shrimp chips and good milk chocolate (all things she doesn't like but sent them anyway because I love!)

The best part of the package was a cook book she made with some of her favorite recipes. I am impressed at the time she put into this and mostly how each recipe starts our with a description of why the recipe works for her and some tips on what kinds of sauces to buy, etc. She also sent along a bunch of Sesame Street DVDs so Enzo can be entertained for hours while I neglect him and cook. Now that is friendship!

Apart from the awesome package, Mariko totally qualifies as a foodie because she can and does spend hours making meals. She was always willing to take a foodland, or costco, or tamuras, or the small food markets in Honolulu, trip with me. She's fun to cook with and I mostly hate cooking with other people. She took me to cool restaurants when we lived by each other. Whenever we were out and about and I would mention that I was starting to get hungry she would stop right away and we would get food instead of convincing me to wait till we got home. This is something that's taken my husband a couple years to learn. She also wrote a very good post on her blog for fellow foodies. If you qualify as such you should read it here.


  1. Good. I'm glad you got the package. I was starting to regret that I hadn't gotten insurance on it, even though I felt silly about getting insurance on shrimp chips, even though that's exactly why I think it's important.
    Thanks for the post, even if my package was lame-ly late.

  2. I wasn't even expecting it anymore so it was a nice surprise. Plus, the cookbook I was definitely NOT expecting and getting presents when it's not your birthday is way more fun then when it is your birthday. I am loving it. thanks


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