Happy breakfast...I mean, Mother's day to me

posted on: Monday, May 12, 2008

Christian is funny. He takes mother's day totally seriously and makes these extreme breakfasts. Last year he made apple pies, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and breakfast sandwiches. This year he made donuts, crepes, chocolate chip muffins, fruits salad, and picked up some quiche, truffle, AND shrimp chips. It was pretty fun. We did got to church smelling like donuts and our entire house still smells like donuts but it was worth it. On the way to church he turned to me and said "I just got an idea, I know what I'm going to make for you next mother's day." The pressure is on for Father's day. It's kind of sad that his favorite meal is breakfast and I have zero inspiration to make any breakfast food. My breakfast either consist of nothing or of 1 toast and a cup of herbal tea. I need ideas for father's day breakfast. Help me out.


  1. I love breakfast more than anything. Where I am from (Houston & my mom's house), we eat:
    1. Grits. Keep in mind that grits are almost entirely a mechanism to deliver butter.
    2. Hash browns, baby. Fried, salted, shredded potatoes. Amazing.
    3. Egg casserole. Eggs, bread, cheese. Can be made with meat, but we're vegetarians.
    4. Pancakes, por supesto. And yes, they can be made into shapes. And with bananas and/or blueberries. Some people like chocolate chips. I don't.

    Looking over this list, I can see how it is that growing up in the South makes you fat and then eventually leads to your death from heart disease.

  2. You tend to like breakfast a lot if you surf several hours before breakfast. If he had toast and tea he would keel over on the way to school. So here are some easy suggestions, although you could make any of the things he did too. French toast, with lots of whipped cream and berries on top. (I know you don't like french toast, but that will make it all the more special.) Get good bread. Homemade is best, but anything thicker and heartier is good. Whole wheat waffles. Same toppings. Or Bekah has a good oatmeal pancake recipe. Yogurt and fruit are good too.

  3. I laughed so hard when I read this. I can just picture Christians eyes lighting up about next year's breakfast. he he. I also love your enthusiasm re. plastic and just found a metal water bottle that I am so excited about. I read about the hormone release with some plastics. Another thing I try to use as little as possible-microwaves, non-stick pots and pans, and processed foods expecially with food color and hydroginated oils-yuck!! I feel like if you go back to basics, you have materials that aren't toxic. When AND WHY did people start puting toxic ingredients and chemicals in things!?! I think they assumed the consumer wouldn't question or figure it out...but we did.

  4. thanks for all the suggestions. I just realized that we'll either still be at Yosemite which means camp food.

  5. Camp breakfasts can be awesome, actually. Breakfast is my second favorite meal, dessert being the first.
    I will look up ideas for camp breakfasts. You will be able to do something in the dutch oven, easy!


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