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posted on: Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Today I woke up kind of down and read about the massive earthquake in China that happened yesterday. 18,000 casualties as of now. I've been reading about it here

I feel totally helpless when these things happen. I guess at least now I should stop complaining about not yet having a job for the summer, having to pay to much money for the car to get fixed, Christian leaving sand in the bath tub, my living room chairs being totally old and ugly (we got them for free), me being anemic (again), having to deal with annoying students, annoying people in general, and finally coming to terms that I won't be able to go to reunion at MHC this year.

My goal for today is to
  1. be as informed as I can about the situation in China
  2. figure out if there is are any organizations that are helping. See if the church (lds.org) is doing anything and if I can help in any way
  3. go an entire day without COMPLAINING and make sure I feel a lot of gratitude for the easy life I have
read and listen more about it at.


  1. Hi Da! Sorry I've been down and out the last week or so. I feel the same way. I wish there was more to do to help, but I was relieved to see the first link on LDS.org is to donate to thier relief funds. It's cool to read on also that they prepare supplies in advance so when disasters happen, they can respond within HOURS instead of (like the government) having lots of red tape and whatnot. It's so cool. You can even use your credit card and donate online. I love it! Have a wonderful day! It smells like it's going to be a good one!
    Love you,


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