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posted on: Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I recently realized that in 3 weeks my project proposal for my thesis project is due. This is a huge project that has been neglected. I also realized that as of yesterday I only have 4 weeks left until my Qualifying Exams. This means that I have been trying very hard to not waste time. Or in other words actually spend time DOING my proposal and getting my act together for my qualifying exams. I thought I was totally on track when I asked my committee what they wanted to eat during the QE. I promised to make them something. Apparently this qualifies as wasting time and baking them something will not get me brownie points (bad pun. totally not intended).

So I've been avoiding food blogs completely and have hungered for something to read other than academia. My wonderful friend Claudia has satisfied my hunger today. Thank you Claudia. Her blog does not have amazing pictures of food. It has no pictures at all. In fact her posts don't even have titles. Why do I love it then? Because it is HILARIOUS. If only I could write like her my proposal would rock. check it out.

oh well. back to being boring old me with blah, blah writing style.


  1. Best shout-out ever! I will take
    *all due credit* for the proposal and qualifying exams that you will most certainly rock out on account of the distractions I provide!


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