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posted on: Wednesday, June 11, 2008

leave a comment and you will be entered in the drawing to win
reusable snack bags

How many of you use the plastic zip lock bags? I do and I always tell myself that I'll wash them over and over again so that I'm not being wasteful. Not only is plastic nasty but it's also hard to wash. If I ever have anything greasy in those baggies it just goes to the trash. I found these reusable snack baggies on esty and am converted. They are easy to wash and have cute ribbons on top. AND they are totally affordable!!!! The cool gals who make these also make larger bags for produce and lunch bag and market bags... check out their site here.

Leave a comment and you could win 5 reusable snack bags. winner will be announced next Tuesday June 17th. You got one week. Ready? set...go!


  1. Nossa, Damaris. O seu blog é demais! Gostei muito!:o)
    Que idéia legal. :o)



  2. Not only snack baggies, but the plastic baggies from the bulk section! I keep telling myself I'll buy / make reusable cloth bags for bulk items, but I never do. Now, maybe I can!

  3. Hi Damaris,
    Your blog is super cute. (I have a blog too!) I also enjoyed your discussion section. I've done with school after this week, so maybe I'll see you around town. Take care.

  4. I don't need the prize because I've already bought these! I love them soooooo much!

    They are cheap and easy and you look oh-so-cool when you pull them out at the grocery store. I've had comments and questions from at least one person every time I use them!

    These are a must-buy, especially for people who hate to buy things (one-time buy vs. thousant time buy for Ziplocs!)

  5. Meu eu sou sua amiga desde o Brazil ... hahahaha Eu quero Eu quero !!!



  6. Oh those look so cool. What a neat Idea. If I don't win I'll have to learn to make them! And I didn't know you do giveaways! I love giveaways!

  7. Wow could use these for all my kids sports!! Enter me!!

  8. very cool. i love the baking for obama fundraiser! definitely going to have to look into that!- patria

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