Food in China Town

posted on: Saturday, July 19, 2008

I spend the evening walking around China Town and taking pictures with Shuna Lydon from the food blog eggbeater and Andrea from superhero journal and Jen from shutter sisters and some other lovely ladies. Keep in mind that these are like, the professional bloggers/photographers and I'm like, NOT! I tagged along and they were so nice to me and even gave me great tips on how to use my cheap point shoot camera. If I was hanging out with profess guys I so would not have gotten the same attention. PLUS... you can always convince a group of women to stop and get food. Always!

Here are some of my shots.

Can you please contact my husband and convince him that I need a nice camera like the ones that the girls are holding in the first picture so that I can get better pictures. Maybe you'll have better success.


  1. What the heck were those comments? Uh, yeah. Here's me, being jealous. Again. Maybe that's why I read your blog. I like to be jealous. NOT.

  2. nice photos, da! sound like a really cool evening. i like the lanters and the glasses.

  3. a camera is only as good as the photographer. i love your pics. but i know, i was jealous of everyone's $1000 digital slrs!

  4. Such great photos!!! It was wonderful meeting you ~ I'm going to follow your blog and see if I can learn how to cook :-) Beijos xo

  5. I love china town... mmmm.... especially those sesame covered buns.... what are they called again? Don't remember but SO.GOOD.


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