Party at Macy's

posted on: Monday, July 21, 2008

I usually have no pity for large corporations but on Saturday I almost had a heart attack at the most schizophrenic party I've ever been to in my life, worrying sick about Macy's well being! The closing reception of BlogHer was at Macy's department store, the 7 floor one on union square San Francisco where all the shoppers are tourists that look like they just popped out of the most recent GQ magazine. Not my kind of place at all.

They crammed hundreds of women in the bag department gave us food, a lot of alcohol (was I the only one there that didn't drink?) and then rushed us up to the shoe department, where the same thing happened, then to the lingerie and last but not least, when everyone was pretty much drunk, to the furniture department where women with vodka and greasy Hor de Vours were sitting on beds with beautiful white linen. Macy's, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?
Mr. Macy I know you were thinking the way corporations think in your stereotypical way. Women like to shop, BlogHer is all about women why don't we have a party for them at Macy's where they can get drunk and shop all they want. Well let me tell you a couple things Mr. Macy, no one shopped. However I did see someone wipe their nasty little greasy fingers after stuffing another one of these
on this!
Mr. Macy you should know better! Cocktail parties and department stores don't mix!


  1. hahahahaha, I love it. You really did a good job at that. Wish I could of been there to laugh at them all.

  2. Heeheehee- why were you even there?!?! Great journalistic coverage Da!

  3. LOL :) Isn't it always like that? No one shops :P

  4. A MAN totally thought of that. Are you kidding? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, yup that was a man's thinking right there. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Let's get them drunk and see how much money they throw at the cash register, oh wait....hey! Stop that! SECURITY!!!!

  5. Nice recap. What a ridiculous night...Why weren't we hanging out?

    Congrats on citizenship and cookies, by the way!


    p.s. How terrible were those chipotle-white chocolate shots? (Shudder)

  6. I felt so out of place, I just took a few photos and left.


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