The rice cakes were saved.

posted on: Saturday, August 30, 2008

I am on VACATION! Our vacation started out yesterday on a very bad note. We packed up our car Thursday night so that we could leave our home by 6:00am. At 6:00am when we walked out to our car our bags were stolen except for the rice cakes were saved. We are super bummed, especially because I had a lot of nice jewelry in my bag and Christian had a lot of camping gear. We are mostly bummed because we love the community we live in and have always felt very safe. So now on Monday I am off to Hawaii with no shorts and no swimsuit. Luckily I am going to visit family and friends that can lend me stuff.

I'll be blogging from Hawaii where I am excited to eat at the shrimp trucks, Ted's Bakery, Haleiwa Eats, and at my MIL's house where there are so many people who are always visiting that there is always a ton of food laying around.

Have a fun labor day weekend.
xoxo Damaris


  1. Sorry to hear about the rough start to your vacation. I hope that the vacation gets better from here.

  2. I am so jealous you get to spend so much time in Hawaii. Have a blast. Eat a shaved ice at Matsumoto's for me.

  3. That sucks about your bags! What a terrible start to a vacation. Hope you have fun (and insurance covers your stuff)!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the least it wasn't the airlines loosing it! You know the glass is half empty or half full!! Anyway relax and enjoy your vacation. Everything will turn out OK in the end. Thank goodness for insurance!!! Aloha

  5. So sad for your loss. So happy you and Enzo are going to "grammy's". I enjoy your posts. All the best to all three of you on your journeys.

  6. Oh that sucks! I have camping stuff if you to borrow it. I didn't know you were comming to hawaii! If you have time, look me up. I live in Haleiwa so I could easily buy you a shaved ice! Or lend you something that you need. Or Plan a get to gether with Kristen. I need to go visit her too. Any way, bon voyage.


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