cook me up some tie-dye

posted on: Monday, September 8, 2008

There's always something cooking at my mother in law's house. If it's not food than it's tie-dye. On Saturday I had breakfast while my nephew, Mikey, sat next to me on the counter tie-dyeing some shirts,
Today I woke up and the counters were full of tie-dyed skirts, shirts, and shorts on cookie sheets, mixing bowls, colanders, and even glass jars.
I love how her kitchen is a place to cook up colors, creativity, and fun. I got in on the action and tie-dyed a lunch bag for Enzo. I'm assuming this will be his ticket to coolness in preschool. You can also get in on the action. Dharma Trading Company ships dyes and fabrics to anywhere in the U.S, including Hawaii.
Other than food what's cooking in your kitchen?


  1. How fun! I'm currently cooking some edamame for Squirrel--her favorite snack!

  2. Thanks for the documentation. It's nice to feel appreciated and not annoying. (Dying again?!!! There's no room to cook!)

  3. Your tie-dyes are much better than food. They last longer at least.


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