Harvesting the benifts of making jam

posted on: Monday, October 20, 2008

We busted out some more of our plum jam yesterday for a pot luck dinner we had with friends. You can read my original post Golden Plum Jam to get the recipe and step by step process of how my first jam making experience went. Looking back on that post I realize that not only was it fun to make jam but it was also very much worth it. Months later we can take a jar of home made jam to a pot luck and people will still be super stoked. I know jam making season is over but there are ways you can prepare right now so that when the time comes you'll be ready to make some of your own jam.

The simplest thing you can do is to start saving glass jars with lids. If you want the pretty jars I recommend buying them now as I've noticed that mason jars are on sale since the end of summer. Another thing you can do is to be informed on how to make jam. My favorite jam making article is found on pickyourown.org where they have a step by step process with pictures on how to make various types of jams.

For those of you who have made jam before can you share some tips on how to make the process easier?


  1. oh that's such a pretty photo--i saw it at taste spotting and first i thought what?? who made pumpkin jam? what a crazy. hahaha. but golden plum sounds very nice yep.

    eh, tips on how to make it easier?? i make jam every summer, i think the only preparation it needs is jars really (so garage sales are good for that) and then of course recipes, trying to make recipes that stand out. that's it--prepare flavor combinations in the head. and then make pickles. oh but it's not too late to make mint jelly for christmas!


  2. Mint Jam sounds awesome I would love a recipe.
    Pumpkin jam sounds pretty good too. I bet it could be done. It might end up more like a marmalade though which I guess isn't so bad.

  3. My tip on making the jam process easier is to have a partner in crime! The day will pass quickly, you will both be hot and sweaty together, and you will have good company and conversation.


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