ABC of Food

posted on: Friday, December 19, 2008

E is for Enzo, my 2 yr old son, and for eggplant.

C is for carrots and for Christmas.

Enzo is getting some flash cards that I made as a Christmas present this year. The ABC of food. I had so much fun designing these today. Tomorrow I will print and laminate.

Go HERE to view all the cards. Feel free to print them for your own kiddies to enjoy.


  1. Very clever...hopefully, he won't grow up to be a chicken finger & fries kid with parents like you. If the cards don't get wrinkled, torn or eaten, I could you see you making some sort of kitchen decoration out of them after Enzo has learned his abc's. I think it would like great.

  2. This is so neat! These are so beautiful! I bet Enzo will love them!

  3. Must have missed these in my childhood because the "quinoa" mystified me. What gives? :)

    PS. Am absolutely printing and laminating, I love that idea.

    Merry Christmas to all wet ankled Palmers everywhere!

  4. I actually just found out about quinoa this year. These flash cards are a tribute to the super yummy grain. hehehe

    Joan, Enzo loves fries and Chicken fingers. I guess the next creation should be junk food flash cards. I am actually thinking of making some in Portuguese. I mean, seriously, you gotta have some beans in there right?!

    Thanks for the nice comments. I am glad you all like it. Let me know if your kids enjoy them.


  5. Nossa Da que otima ideia!!! O enzo ira aprender tanto !!! Feliz Natal !!!


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