Felt Gingerbread Cottage Scene

posted on: Saturday, December 20, 2008

I haven't been cooking much since the flood. Hence the lack of recipes on this blog. Sorry dear readers. I promise that I won't be able to escape this week with Christmas around the corner. I WILL cook something, I WILL cook something, I WILL cook something...

In the meantime I am enjoying my Palmer family and all the cute nieces and nephews that are staying here with us. For this reason my mind is focused on kiddie things.

There is this blog that I read regularly called Chasing Cheerios. Melissa is a rad mom who uses Montessori methods to homeschool her toddler. Today I found this Felt Gingerbread Cottage Scene that she made. I love it!

some other favorites from this site:
Felt Gingerbread Cookie Making Kit
Felt gingerbread Village
Felt Gingerbread Boy Activity


  1. how cute say yes to handmade help keep it alive

  2. Pretty blog, very interesting!
    A greeting from Argentina.
    Merry Christmas


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