How to Make Homemade Yogurt

posted on: Thursday, May 21, 2009

The title of this post should be "Why You Should Make Homemade Yogurt" because I want to convince you that homemade yogurt only brings good things.

Ever since we got a thermometer for liquids and ever since we started getting an obscene amount of milk from WIC Christian has transformed into a yogurt making machine. I love yogurt but I'm all like "HOW on earth are we going to eat all this yogurt?" every time I open my fridge and see container after container of plain yogurt.

Miraculously the yogurt has not gone to waste. He now started making yogurt cheese (other post, promise) which tastes like a mixture between goat cheese and cream cheese. It's sooooo good. I am also using yogurt on anything that calls for heavy cream or milk. This is not to say that we don't still have a ton of yogurt. If you live in Santa Cruz PLEASE come get some yogurt at my house.

I like eating plain yogurt but I need things to go on it. On Saturday a friend gave me a huge jar of Brazilian doce de leite. score! Yesterday I got a flat with 12 containers of organic raspberries from the Family Student Housing food pantry. What, you don't believe me?


Today I was excited to get up (never happens) and eat a big bowl of homemade plain yogurt with organic raspberries and doce de leite, and use my pretty napkin of course, because such good food must be consumed in style.

Christian's yogurt recipe comes from the Internet. I haven't participated in the actual making process so but I've seen him do it. A few essential things, according to Christian, are: thermometer, a big cooler, and powdered milk. The powdered milk makes the yogurt really creamy. Creamier than Trader Joe's Cream Top plain yogurt. Seriously, it's that delish.

wiki-how homemade yogurt step by step

homemade yogurt
101 cookbooks homemade yogurt recipe

now that I've shared with you some homemade yogurt recipes can you share with me some ideas on what to do with all those raspberries?


  1. Make raspberry so sooooo yummy.

  2. I love layering it with Bear Naked's Vanilla Almond Crunch granola and honey!!

  3. Oh. I wish I lived near you!

    Raspberry cookie bars
    Jello with raspberries for the kids
    Fill them with melted chocolate.

  4. Thanks Chris and Da. I am going to make some tomorrow maybe. Do you use empty Trader Joe's yogurt containers or do you use glass? Which is better? Also, where did you get your thermometer and how much was it? Also, you can get canned and evaporated milk with WIC.

  5. Kaity, we use empty trader joe's yogurt containers and the big costco yogurt containers. We paid $7.00 for our thermometer at a cooking store. They sell some for $30 bucks, no need. Ours works great.We borrow the cooler from our neighbor because we don't have one.

    You should try making some.


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