Italian Food (in Brazil)

posted on: Friday, May 8, 2009

I just came back from a very quick trip to Brazil. My sister got married and it was fabulous to be there celebrating with her and with the rest of my extended family. Even though the trip was way too short I was really looking forward to eat out as much as I could because if you didn't know Sao Paulo has amazing restaurants. If you ever go to Sao Paulo you must go to Vila Madalena. It's a very trendy neighborhood with very cool stores, street markets, and amazing restaurants on every corner. My sister's wedding party was held in a lovely Italian place called Spadaccino where the food was very, very, very, delicious.
The waiters kept on bringing out antipastos such as deep fried mini artichokes, toast with mushrooms and cheese, eggplant salad, and a variety of breads

For the main dish I had ravioli stuffed with goat cheese. The sauce was fresh table cream with pieces of fresh figs. I loved how the sweet taste of the figs blended with the goat cheese.
and of course like any good Brazilian wedding for dessert we had Bem Casados.

I'll post some more Brazilian food pics soon...


  1. Yum yum yum. I wish figs were so plentiful that I could just throw them in my pasta, too!
    I was worried about you when I heard about the flooding, even though it was really no where even close, right?

  2. Welcome back and congratulations to your sister. How much fun! This dinner and party looks amazing! Can't wait to see more photos of your trip.

  3. This place looks amazing!! We didn't discover it on our trip but I wish we had! I loved reading some of your other Brazil posts also - the farmer's market picture was so colorful and vibrant - it made me want to visit the farmer's market in my neighborhood (unfortunately they aren't open until the weekend :) ). Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving! Can't wait to read about what you end up making tomorrow :)


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