Perks of Being a Mom

posted on: Monday, May 11, 2009

I was spoiled once again with cinnamon rolls,banana cream pie and a pair of earrings and a necklace all hand made by Christian. You're all sick of me saying how much he rocks but he does rock and some other folks rock too who sent me an unexpected present in the mail.

Last Thursday was National Mom's Nite Out. I was jealous to see so many tweets and blogs about all the fun things you ladies did. I Spent my Mom's Nite Out teaching my classes until 9:00pm and then came home and crashed because earlier that day I had just gotten in from Brazil.

However, I got a really fun box in the mail from Unilever with a bunch of food and a cook book that has SUPER easy recipes. SCORE! The box was actually meant for Christian and Enzo to enjoy while I should of been out celebrating Mom's Nite but in the end we all enjoyed it together.

For those of you who blog and who are moms I really recommend joining MomSelect. It's free and there is no obligation to review any of the products they send you. I've gotten many different products from them and am always impressed by the quality of products they sent me.

Being a mom is fun. I'm so thankful that I have Enzo to mother and another munchkin on the way.

I hope you felt celebrated yesterday (and today, and tomorrow, and..)

Happy (late) Mother's Day!


  1. I got to do Virtual MNO and a real MNO with the Laie ladies- 8 of us went out for dinner and a movie in Kaneohe. It was just nice to get out!

  2. lucky! I haven't been to the movies since Twilight (I know, LAME).

    Dinner and movie sounds awesome. I'm glad you were able to go out and celebrate being a mom.

  3. Hey D
    I am glad you are back! I hope you had a great mothers day- we were so pooped after Ben did a 12 hour final, that he was still pooped the next day, mothers day. We did not do too much but he did let me sleep in a few- which was awesome.
    I have something for you for Mums day!
    Love you!

  4. My fav kitchen???? I don't think I have one! So sad! I'll have to think of that for a while. I have a vision for a favorite kitchen, does that count?

    Happy Mom's day and I hope you are all doing well! David is in Ohio making a recording, which will hopefully capture a bigger audience. Pray for us!

    I LOVE and ADORE the pictures of your VoVo!!!!!!

    Congrats also on your sister's wedding!


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