Delish for Your Ears!

posted on: Sunday, August 30, 2009

Putumayo Kids released this CD this summer and we've been listening to it none stop! I received this CD to review and gave it to Enzo, because ultimately he makes the decision whether a kids product is cool or not. He thinks it's very cool. So much so that I catch him singing phrases like, "I like to eat like a rainbow" and I'm all like "YES! please eat your green broccoli and your red beets" and he does. O.K maybe he still doesn't but... the songs are very cool and even if he's still not eating like a rainbow we're definitely grooving in the kitchen. You can listen to bits of all the songs here.

Check out video below for a taste.

Johnny Bregar - Shoo Fly Pie from Putumayo World Music on Vimeo


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