Online Food Gifts

posted on: Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here is the deal peeps, if you haven't hit up the stores for Christmas then don't even try. It's a jungle out there. Last week I had THE. WORST. EXPERIENCE ever. The stores were packed and over packed and then packed some more.

This year I got a bunch of gifts from etsy. I recently discovered an awesome site that's like etsy except for food. A food etsy. It's called FOODZIE. Check out my side bar to see my favorite Foozie products and to visit the website.

Another favorite store is Williams-Sonoma. The quality of their products is always impeccable and it makes a wonderful gift. For example if YOU want to give me some
peppermint bark I won't stop you.

tote bags are always a favorite.

Both of these gifts are under $30. Score!

For more foodie gift ideas go here.
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