Live from Hawaii

posted on: Monday, December 21, 2009

Haven't been cooking much.
But I sure am eating a lot.


  1. LOVE this picture... you two look so cute! I really wish I could take Marcos' parents to Hawaii someday. There's just nothing like it...

  2. Have a great time!!! I love shave ice!!! Please have one with passion fruit and mango for me...:) -mary

  3. Metta- you gotta bring your in laws to Hawaii, they would love it.

    Food Librarian- great idea. I had a passion fruit with guava but I'll try the mango next time.

  4. Damaris! You're here! We'd love for you to come by- we're hoping to get some beach time in, but we'll be home for most of the day so please come number is 356-9613. I would so love to nuzzle Maria's adorable baby cheeks- she is just too cute. I'm glad you guys are having fun!

  5. LOL looks yummy! I hope to make it to Hawaii one day :)


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