Taco Soup

posted on: Saturday, January 9, 2010

1 lb ground turkey
1 cup chopped onions
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can salsa
1 can white beans
1 can corn
  1. Fry the turkey meat with the chopped onions until cooked.
  2. Add the meat to a medium sized pan and add the remaining ingredients.
  3. Simmer on low for an hour.
  4. Serve warm with cheese on top (avocados, tomatoes, cilantro, sour cream,...all good add-ons)
  5. Eat with chips.
This is a contemporary Mexican dish. For more Mexican dishes created and re-created visit foodalouge. She's hosting an awesome blog event that features Latin American recipes. This week is Mexico. Next week is El Salvador. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Go to Foodalogue For more details on this virtual food tour.

 I normally don't cook with canned things but my norms are changing and I'm cherishing my canned goods. Life has been hectic and I appreciate meals that take me less than 10 minutes to prepare. I don't mind the time it takes to simmer. I actually enjoy that process. For one, it makes my house smell great and then it makes it seem like I labored long and hard to get the dinner on the table.

We had a dreamy vacation in Hawaii. Then we came back and it was cold. Christian started doing school again full time multiplied by 900. My mom is looking for a job. My kids are crazy. Actually, Enzo is crazy but I try not to single him out so Miss Mellow Maria gets blamed too. 

proof- Enzo has one speed, fast. He runs all day long and yesterday he totally ate it, hence the busted lip.

proof- My baby became a pirate. 

 Like I said my kids are crazy. My life is crazy. I got a job as a Reader which is like a TA (Teaching Assistant) but 3 times less pay. With all the craziness and some very deep sadness I welcome cans to simplify my life. Thanks Melissa for introducing me to taco soups and for comforting me during these hectic days.

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  1. This sounds delicious. I'm not big on turkey, but I'm thinking it would still be great with everything but, yes?

  2. Damaris, um, feliz 2010 pra você e toda a sua família! Seus filhos são lindos, parabéns! :-)

    um beijo,

  3. Amy used to make a soup/chunkiness that was kind of like this. I thought of it as chip dip, and I ate a lot of it. I think canned beans are kind of brilliant sometimes.
    I don't like the sound of your job. Yuck.

  4. Oh, yummy! I am going to try this one. Loves,

  5. I like the last instruction. "Eat with chips." Thanks! Lol ;)

  6. I couldn't have found this recipe at a more perfect time. I've been craving tacos for days, but the fam isn't totally sold on them. I think this might be a way to meet halfway. Can't wait to try it tonight, thanks!

  7. So, we made this last night...it is just as good as it sounds!! Yum. Robby especially loved it. I also made your chicken with the oranges and onions a few months back. It was sooo good too. Thanks for all the recipes.

  8. Canned goods do have their place in our busy lives. I can see thay you would have your hands full as a mom to such cuties.

  9. Were all the canned items drained?

  10. Tim good question. Yes the canned goods are drained.

  11. I try to eat as many vegetarian meals as possible; this is a great recipe to do that with. I replaced the turkey with a can of flavored black beans (Watch the sodium. It varies widely by brands.).

    I also should add that I rinsed the white beans off and dumped the corn liquid to make the soup even more like dip.

    I topped it off with a shredded Mexican cheese blend and sour cream and I put it over rice.

    I made this the day it was posted on Tastespotting and it was extremely delicious. Thank you!


  12. Hi Sunshine,
    this is definitely a great recipe to make vegetarian style. I will do that next time, I'm not even a huge fan of ground meat so vegetarian style sounds pretty appealing.

    yes, definitely rinse out all the veggies before you put them in the soup.

    thanks for sharing your variation.

  13. It looks lovely. I want the pirate for a daughter...please send her to me. Talk about super cuteness....and I use a lot of tinned veggies for soups and salads but I ALWAYS rinse them

  14. sorry, the pirate baby is all mine but you are more than welcome to come play with us...

  15. I love tacos! I am not a fan of the bird though, but I may try this recipe. I'll try turkey just to experience a new taste for this dish. I can imagine this dish with lots of cheese. :-)

    Thank you for sharing!

  16. Victor,
    I've been making it recently without Turkey. It actually tastes better with no meat, seriously.


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