Chiffon Cake with White Chocolate Honey Mousse

posted on: Sunday, March 7, 2010

 This was my Birthday cake

I just had the last slice and now it will be eternalized on the blogosphere until I convince my husband to make me another one.

He used the Betty Crocker Lemon Chiffon cake recipe sans lemon and tube pan.

The raspberries on top are cheerful and remind me of summer.
I'm ready for summer (and my next birthday).


  1. I don't like white chocolate, but that cake looks good anyway. I was trying to convince Jake we should try it. (I'll need to work on him a little more...)

  2. it's very white chocolaty so if you don't like white chocolate I don't recommend it. However DO make the chiffon recipe.

  3. Hi Damaris,

    We only live once and I believe that we do not have enough time to eat all the fantastic food each culture per household can offer...I'll try this recipe and enjoy each slice! :-)


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