Fake Blueberry Pie

posted on: Friday, June 11, 2010

Today I posted my recipe for Fake Blueberry Pie over at The Little Foodie. I came up with it myself in a moment of 4 year old panic "I NEED blueberry pie". It's so easy that it hardly deserves the label recipe. You can probably figure it out just by the picture.

Key ingredient: Frozen Puff Pastry.

I've never made puff pastry from scratch. It's just one of those things I use all the time but seems too daunting to even attempt to make, kindda like chocolate croissants. You know what I mean?


  1. No, don't make it from scratch. Too much butter and your arms will be sore. :) Find a good brand and make fake blueberry pies all summer!

  2. thanks duo dishes. Coming from you guys I feel less bad about not making it from scratch.


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