{product review} Victorinox Swiss Army Ceramic Cutlery

posted on: Thursday, June 10, 2010

First a product review and then a recipe, ok? 

First, if you don't think you like to cook than you need to get yourself a good knife. Second, if you think you do like to cook but you don't have a good knife then you're passion for cooking will increase ten fold when you do have a good knife. 

Third, this chef's knife is in fact all that. Swiss Army Knives are famous for their quality, durability, and design. Their new line of ceramic cutlery meets all of these standards no problem. 

Here is a tidbit from their website
Advantages of Ceramic Knives:
  •  Resistant to corrosion and acids
  • Lightweight, weighing half as much as steel
  • Durable and extremely sharp
  • Does not transfer taste or odor
  • Low maintenance
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer's defects in material and workmanship
  • Precision inspected in Switzerland
  • Ergonomical Fibrox designed handle
  • The edge is proven to last 5 times longer and the blade has 3 times more flexibility than a sampling of other ceramic knives
And here is a tidbit from my kitchen,
I love this knife. Yes, I know that's an over simplified statement but I do love it. I love good knives and this is a very good knife. I was cutting bok choy which is all hard and fibery and it felt like I was cutting butter. 

pre cutting...look at those hard stems...

no problem.

Then I deep fried it super quick so that it was crispy like seaweed 

It is super good and simple to make but seriously only works if you have a nice sharp knife, otherwise it will bruise the leaves and you'll never be able to cut the bok choy into thin strips. 

The End.

I received the knife for free from Victorinox Swiss Army. This was not a paid post and the views expressed here are my own. 


  1. i think a GOOD knife makes ALL the difference - i'm with ya sista' on that one!!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  2. I dont like to cook, but I too love a good knife. I sooooooo want some good knives, or this good knife, because I've been to switzerland and that makes me special, and a lover of all things swiss sharp!
    Ive never known what to do with BokChoy, thanks!

  3. Erika- You are right. as usual.

    Gail- you've been to switzerland? lucky. You need a good knife, it will make a huge difference.

  4. Hi, thanks for joining in the giveaway! Hope your lucky! Lovely blog, will come back :-)

  5. we just had bakchoy for dinner last night!! what a cool recipe!! i am gonna have to test it out. and by the way...my kids eat fukikake on just about ANYTHING

  6. FootPrints- Furikake is awesome. My friend Mariko introduced it to me and I'm hooked.

    Merry Mishap- You deserve one. you do.


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