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posted on: Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I collect aprons. It's official. I wasn't going to say it but after counting over 20 aprons I think I have claim to an apron collection. I used to think that aprons were silly, a grandma kindda thing. But then I started cooking more and having more babies and soon discovered the magical power of aprons. Super-heroes wear capes, moms wear aprons. At least this mom does so I can cook and clean and chase naughty babies that loves to pull things out of the closet without getting my entire wardrobe dirty. Actually, my aprons are way cuter than my clothes, who am I kidding.

Notice how my new apron matches baby Maria's bum-bum. Amazing, especially since the person who made this apron lives all the way in Tasmania Australia and has not seen my daughter's closet. Thank you so much baby boudoir for my beautiful apron with my name on it and everything.

and a special reminder of my old header. sigh.

I was very attached to that header, since my sister-in-law made it for me and was hesitant to move toward a new square header. Now the old header has been immortalized via this apron.

I don't sew but I wish I did. Especially when I see things like this banana dress or when I see it being used as a tool for activism like the Green Bag Lady. Green Bag lady is incredible she makes and sends you a free bag if you pledge to not use paper or plastic. She's made over 10,000 bags and has shipped her bags all over the world. Last week I got mine. It's blue and super cute and we've already put it to good use. If you have some extra fabric lying around please consider donating for this good cause. I know that I feel better when I go grocery shopping and remember to bring my reusable bags.

Do you sew?
Can you teach me?


  1. That is super cute- and Maria is toddling??? What??
    We can learn to sew together- I don't know much. I want to learn as well.
    Thanks for sharing Green Bag Lady- that is awesome she is doing that!
    Hope to see you soon.

  2. i WISH i knew how to sew too! - i asked for a sewing machine for Christmas - and was told "there's tons of them in the basement" .. meaning use one of them ... but i want a high-tech-dummies type .. cuz i have NO idea what i'm doing - but have SOOOO many idea's! ...

    guess i gotta take it into my own hands, and just buy myself one - i was thinking of getting that hand-held gadget thing i've seen on tv - it's a good starter, no?! haha

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. On my list of things to do over the summer is to teach Paige how to sew (she really wants to learn), so if you would like to sit in, you are welcome to.


  4. Vistoria- yes, can you believe she is already cruising? Crazy since she just started crawling.

    Erika- you're hilarious.

    Marlo- Yes! i really want to learn. Thanks for the invite. Let me know when you start.

  5. OMG love the baby pants, how uncanny!!!!! the apron looks great on you too, fab post x

  6. i wish i could sew too- and that i had an apron as cute as yours.


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