Mindful Eating

posted on: Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yesterday's Yoga session was amazing.
It really helped me throughout the entire day.
I noticed myself choosing to eat certain things with a greater awareness of what I wanted to put in my body.

Pre-babies I would chew slow, slow, slow. Then I would swallow, breath, and chew slow, slow, slow. I was always last at every single meal. Looking back, the aspect of pre-parenthood that I miss most is the ability to sit down, have a meal, and enjoy my meal. Now if I even get to sit I call it success. I notice that because of this change I end up choosing quick fixes, like a bar of chocolate (yes please), rather than a piece of melon. I love melon but cutting fruit sometimes seems like an insurmountable task.

The article The Art of Truly Joyful Eating by the Lunaticmonk expresses exactly the kind of eating style I would like for myself and my family. Such a great perspective, it's hard not to feel inspired.


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