Happy Father's/Men Food Blogger Day

posted on: Monday, June 21, 2010

In honor of Father's day I thought I would present you my favorite male food bloggers.
I could be wrong, but I think that only one of them is an actual dad.
That's cool, maybe one day the other guys will become dads or maybe they'll read this post and start sweating just at the thought of such a task.

Regardless, these guys are kick butt bloggers and I appreciate the time and energy they put into their blogs because I sure like reading it.   

I went to one of his photography workshops and I instantaneously wanted to become his best friend. His humor is contagious in writing and in person and his photography is killer.

Is an older version of my high school best friend. Every time I read his blog I laugh and then I cry because I don't live in Europe.

I love reading this blog because Aun says beautiful thing about his wife all the time. Long live men who love their wives and know how to cook and know how to write.

This blog is written by Clay and Zach, two guys who make good use of their food magazines. I'm addicted to food mags and Clay and Zach compliment my addiction perfectly.

Jim is a dad. His whole blog is dedicated to making fun pancakes for his daughter. Happy Father's day Jim.


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