What I've learned this week about Food Blogging.

posted on: Saturday, July 3, 2010

The thing I love about blogging is how generous bloggers are with their knowledge. I don't feel like it's a competitive field at all. Just because you already read one food blog doesn't mean you can't read another, right?

The word community is overrated, I know, but it is really possible to create such a thing on line. It is. I'm always surprised when I ask questions to a food blogger and I get a response. I mean, even the Pioneer Woman has e-mailed me back about a cheese muffin recipe measurement doubt I had. Ree is the best.

This article Foodblogging- Do's and Don'ts is a generous account of where to start your food blog, written by Delicious Days, go read it.

Oh and have a great 4th of July weekend.
I'll see you again on Monday with a giveaway, ok? o.k!


  1. I think their No. 7 should have been No. 1... I am amazed at how many people post photographs of their food that look like the cat got sick on a plate. Seriously... even though your recipe may put me on cloud nine, unless it looks good, I'm not going to try it! Sure, there are some things like casseroles or bean dishes that may not look super appetizing, but there are always features of the food that can be photographed well, even with a simple point and shoot...

  2. I agree...usually if I see "barf on a plate" more than once I don't return. To be a GOOD blogger I think you have to have photography and cooking skills.

    I will definitely keep visiting this one!;-)

  3. It's all about the picture for me too. that's why I tend to share more desserts, it photographs way better than a hot savory dish.

  4. I agree with you about the generosity of food bloggers. I've gotten great advice and mentorship from so many of them, and I try to return the favor by devoting time and energy to the many people who contact me about starting a gluten-free or vegan diet.

    Speaking of reciprocity among bloggers, thanks for stopping by my blog today! It was lovely to discover another SF food blogger!


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