Foodie Book Club

posted on: Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm trying to feed my mind
will you join me?

On my last visit to Omivore I picked up What to Eat. The book shop owner recommend I read it. She said it was a "must read" (her words, promise). So I am going to do it and I think I will love it. In fact I'm committed to loving it or at least learning from it because I really need to have a couple questions answered like "why is milk always in the back of the store?"

I'm instituting a foodie book club because talking about books is way more fun than reading solo. We'll start with month numero uno, see how it goes and then proceed from there.

Foodie Book Club- Month of August
Meet: on Twitter end of August (what days work for you?) to discuss and share ideas.
Open to: You. Just leave a comment or e-mail me to tell me that you want to join.

Im excited. I've never ever been a part of a book club before. Have you? If so feel free to chime in on ideas.


post-edit: We're no longer meeting on Twitter. We're going to have a new location. Maybe someone who wants to join the book club can host it on their blog and each month we rotate. This is getting more and more exciting. I'm excited!


  1. This looks awesome- I totally want to join, now that I (will) have free time! But I'm not on Twitter... am I the only one?

  2. I'm part of a book club, and this definitely has never come up, although I'm tempted to assign it when my next turn comes around! We just instituted a rule that whomever assigns must have already read the book, so maybe it's good that I start here with you now! Also, I'm on a kick to learn about foods as well...

    And like Elizabeth, I'm also not on Twitter (you are NOT the only one...). So hmmmmm.... but it sounds like it's worth the read nontheless!

    And P.S... Da, you can totally start a book club if you want. It just takes proposing the idea to a group of insightful women whom you think will enjoy reading and talking about books and learning from one another. I know you're busy, but it's a sanity booster to have a new book to read each month, and to have a venue to have regular, stimulating conversation. We currently meet at one of those new fangled serve it yourself frozen yogurt stores, but before it moved, we were meeting at the local fine chocolate shop, and the pretty location was a total must for a good ladies night out... also, if you ever do start a book club, think about including people who can talk about books of the same level of "crudeness". I kind of like edgy, educational and smart books (not nasty books, but I can take a few well-placed "F" words for the sake of really good literature), and somehow I was invited into the Jane Austen-esque book club. So not my thing, but I've enjoyed it nontheless.

  3. yay I'm so happy I have a real club. Four is a total legitimate number. maybe we'll even get more. Forget Twitter we'll find a new location.

  4. I have never been part of a book club. Honestly, I am really not into reading books. Maybe I'll join some other time. Good luck!

  5. I'M IN!! I think this is a fabulous idea. I've been a member of book clubs before, but never one with a focused topic. This really appeals to me. I'm off to order the book...keep me updated on the plan!

  6. (Scones are indeed such a wonderful invention! <3 )

    Wow, this is the EXACT book that I'm looking for. I recently watched Food, Inc., and have been concerned about informed food choices for a while. This book answers it all then! I'll have to pick it up and read through it as well. I'm also in the Bay Area as well! If I am able to finish the book, I would be interested in a book club. I've never done it myself either. Exciting.


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