Omnivore Bookstore in San Francisco

posted on: Monday, July 5, 2010

A food bookstore.

Last week I crossed one thing off my summer list. I spent the day in the city by my lone self. Except for dinner, when I met up with a friend and that was fun. It's not that I love my own company it's just that I really wanted to go to Omnivore without the kids. I wanted to look and sit and read for as long as I wanted. 

and I did.

I don't know how long I stayed there for. I wasn't worried about time. I love cookbooks, no wait, that is an understatement. It's not just cookbooks it's books about food in general that I love. Pictures. Writing. Recipes. So fun.

and of course the staff is great. She was so patient with me showing me all the different children's cookbooks.

I got the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook for Enzo, for Christmas. It's part of that summer list, you know Christmas shopping early so that I'm not stressed out in the end of the year. 

They have all sorts of great vintage books as well.

Next time you're in San Francisco make sure you hit up Omnivore and if you want to get me an early Christmas present this is the place. 

Omnivore Books on Food · 3885a Cesar Chavez Street · San Francisco, CA 94131 · 415.282.4712 · Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 12-5 


  1. This is AMAZING! I wish I was in CA right now.

  2. I love that shop! seriously, I LOVE that shop!!!!

  3. It is such an fun place. make sure you go there when you're in California.

  4. Olá Damaris, já leio o seu blog há um tempo mas hoje é o dia para deixar um comentário :)
    Há um blog português sobre sobremesas que é lindo, lindo! E a autora editou agora um livro. Acho mesmo a sua cara

  5. eu conheco bem as receitas dela e o blog dela tambem. Lindo. Maravilhoso. Nao sabia que ela tinha um livro de receitas. que legal.

  6. I could get lost in a bookstore for hours; sadly where I live there are only big chain bookies and nothing like the Omnivore. Lucky you!

  7. What a great place! I can see how you could get lost in there for hours. :) And husband did serve a mission in Brasil. He was in Sao Paulo South from 1999-2001. I can't wait to visit there! I have been wanting to go for so long and we just haven't made it down there yet. I know my husband is dying to go. He consinders himself half Brasilian now. :)

  8. having a love for food, not just eating is a very special gift....we can do so much with food, and make so many people happy with our knowledge...and have such fun doing it! I love cookbooks and magazines...
    I am very happy to have found your blog!

  9. Oh beautiful place, I will for sure go there when we're in SF, love places to get inspired! Thanks!


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